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We Make Soft & Pillowly Steamed Buns to Satisfy any Craving

From savory classics we all know and love like Siopao and Bola-Bola to mildly sweet buns you come to love like ube, mung bean pandan and red bean; we love what we do and we are masters at our craft. The sharing of our food has always been apart of our story and we can’t wait for you to have a taste.

Served to Perfection

Snowy white and fluffy buns steamed to perfection each time.  We upload high standards here and take great pride in producing high quality sweet and savory Filipino steamed buns for your enjoyment. So go on enjoy and taste the love. 

Langley steamed buns
Langley Surrey pork steamed buns
Langley Surrey ube steamed buns
Surrey Langley bola bola steamed buns


"What a great addition to the Filipino food scene in Langley! They serve up freshly made soft & squishy Filipino style steamed buns (siopao) and it was yummy. I was pleasantly surprised to see the wide variety of flavours, both sweet and savoury. I really enjoyed the asado, bbq pork pocket and ube. They also have cassava cake if you’re looking to add another sweet treat to your order! Definitely worth the try and it’s so nice to have a place to get siopao in the Fraser Valley! More photos on Instagram."

– Diane 

"Very authentic and quality ingredients! The pork asado is full of flavor, not too salty or dry. The taro bun is delicious, lots of filling in the center with the right level of sweetness, and real taro is used instead of the fake stuff you would find at T&T bakery! Great customer service, I am definitely going to become a regular!"

– Alice S.

"Seriously such good steamed buns! My husband and I did not place an order and showed up to the kitchen hoping they could fit in an order for us. They were so kind and let us order on the spot. The buns were SO delicious! Our favourite was the pork asado. If you are looking for authentic Filipino siopao, you need to order here!!"

– Jennielynn V.

"Hubby Approved. My husband said their siopao is the best he has tasted by far and he doesn't usually like pork buns. Every bite is delicious!!! The proportion of the dough and the filling is perfect. We ordered 1 box (1 dozen) and the whole thing is almost gone in less than 24 hrs. We will be coming back for more, that's for sure!"

– Dana R.

"Best pork buns in town!! absolutely delicious!! customer service is amazing! very quick to respond! if you're looking for steamed pork buns, Mr. Siopao De Langley is the place to go!! affordable, and high quality!! buns are extremely moist, and fluffy!!"

– Celina K.

"I purchased a dozen pork buns after hearing a local social media food influencer (fatpantsforever) rave about them. We had never had a steamed bun before so we were a little wary. But they smelled amazing all the way home and were delicious from the first bite. I don't know how they make the bun so light and fluffy inside but it sure pairs well with this sweet and savory sauce full of bites of pork. It's just like stew in a bread bowl only you get to hold it in your hand like a sandwich! Fabulous!"

– Verna B.

"Scrumptious in every bite. I was looking for a great tasting siopao around Fraser Valley and Mr. Siopao did not disappoint. Tried all three flavors, Veggy, Chicken, and Pork, there were all were hand made and very tasty. My personal favourite is the pork. Family also loved them. We will definitely order again from Mr Siopao. Highly recommend their siopao, so go and try them now."

– Eun H.

"We tried the Pork Asado and Bola-bola. They’re both soooo good! The buns were soft and fluffy, and filled with a lot of stuffings - you don’t really need to add more sauce. I totally agree that it’s worth the drive! I’m definitely coming back."

– Joy

"Best buns ever. I can trust the baker who would use fresh and healthy ingredients only. They have Many varieties; Our family loves pork, chicken, red beans, and coconut ones. They are not only hard workers but also do good things for the less fortunate people too!! Highly recommended!!"

– Jeonghee H.

"The best steam bun "siopao" ever!!! And also the owner who made this delicious food are great people. I highly recommend buying steam bun from them if you want to try Filipino style steam bun with enhance flavor. The best siopao in BC."

– Lin R.

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